Question paper of primery teacher exam

Posted on Sunday, January 10th, 2010 by in education.

Here is the questions that were asked in this years Primary Teacher recruitment selection examination by District Primary School Council, Uttar Dinajpur, held today on 10th January 2010.

Q1. Who built G. T. Raod.
Ans:Sher Sha

Q2. In which year Constitution comes into force in India.
Ans: 1950

Q3. Capital of Uttarakhand?
Ans: Dehradun

Q4. In which district Beharinath hill is?
Ans: Bankura

Q5. Ascorbic acid is–?
Ans: Vitamin

Q6. Laughing gas–?
Ans: N2o

Q7. In which year battle of Buxar was fought?
Ans: 1764

Q8. Best type of coal is–?
Ans: Anthracite

Q9. Which diseases is spread by culex mosquito.
Ans: Malaria

Q10. Who is the author of Othello?
Ans: William Shakespeare

Q11. Which one of following is a greenhouse gas?
Ans: nitrous oxide

Q12. Who created the character “Gora”?
Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

Q13. Tiger woods is related with which sports?
Ans: Golf

Q14. Find HCF of a2b+ab2, a2c+abc
Ans: a(a+b)

Q15. A salesman, sold a book on loss by 5%. If purchase price of the book is Rs75.00 then at which he sold that book.
Ans: 71.25

Q16. Value of ? (pi) is—
Ans: 180°

Q17. Diagonals of rhombus intersect each other at angle of —-?
Ans: 90°

Q18. “Quit India” movement was started in which year?
Ans: 1942

Q19. NaCl is know as____
Ans: Common Salt

Q20. Which type of mountain is “Aravali”.

PS. These question are based on memory. Please check answers with a good text book.