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Alternative route to NJP and Guwahati

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Due to flood in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar, all trains towards NJP and Guwahati are cancelled. Railway communication with North east is totally cut off. All trains has been cancelled up to 31st August.

Here is an alternate route which can be used to travel towards NJP or Guwahati via Katihar or Malda.

NFR is running two special trains between Dalkhola and Guwahati. These will run till 31st August.
1. 05607 Dalkhola – Guwahati special. Dep. time at Dalkhola 6.30 am
2. 05609 Dalkhola – Dibrugarh special. Dep time at Dalkhola 6.00 PM.

Dalkhola can be reached via Raiganj. Trains are available from Katihar to Ragainj. Two passenger trains and 2 express trains are running between Katihar and Raiganj. From Raiganj, plenty of buses available towards Dalkhola.

These four train trains currently running from Katihar to Raiganj.
55727 Dep. Katihar at 6.15, arvl at Raiganj at 8.21
55729 Dep. Katihar at 14.15, arrives at Raiganj at 16.16
22488 Dep. Katihar at 05.45, arrives at Raiganj at 07.00
03157 Dep. Katihar at 06.45 arrives at Raiganj at 08.45

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