Cardiac patients suffer in absence of ECG technicians – The Statesman

Posted on Thursday, April 17th, 2008 by in Medical, Raiganj.

RAIGANJ,April 11: Patients are facing a crisis after the eco-cardiography service suddenly stopped functioning in Raiganj district hospital.
Reportedly in absence of eco-cardiography both cardiac patients and the patients who needed surgical operations are facing a great ordeal.Those below poverty line were worst affected by this in the hospital.The poor cardiac patients and the patients who were admitted for surgical operations were getting eco-cardiography from out side thus putting a burden on their finances.Even this absence of eco-cardiography has affected the national ligetion programme in the hospital. The superintendent of Raiganj district hospital Dr Swapan Kumar Paul said,due to an absence of technicians this facility was stopped in Raiganj district hospital.”Our contractual technician who was serving ECG unit here recently joined in Karandighi hospital of our distirct as a regular staff.Then new technician did not turn up. So ECG unit stopped functioning,”he clarified.
The subject was brought to the notice of the chief medical officer of health of North Dinajpur, Dr S S Sahoo who assured that the crises would be soon sorted out.