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Kaliyaganj Station Time Table

Kaliyaganj Station

Time Table of Kaliyaganj Station. Trains arriving and Departing from Kaliyaganj to Anand Vihar (Delhi), Kolkata, Siliguri, NJP and Radhikapur

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2016

Train No.Train NameFromToArrivalDeprt.
55707RDP-KIR PASSENGERRadhikapurKatihar05:0005:02
22488Anand Vihar - Radhikapur Seemanchal Link Express Delhi (Anand Vihar)Radhikapur07:4507:47
75707RDP - SGUJ DEMURadhikapurSiliguri Junction08:0008:02
55727KIR - RDP PASSENGERKatiharRadhikapur08:5508:57
55728RDP-KIR PASSENGERRadhikapurKatihar10:4510:47
55729KIR - RDP PASSENGERKatiharRadhikapur16:4816:50
13146KOLKATTA RADHIKAPUR EXPRadhikapurKOLKATA (Chitpur)18:0218:04
55730RDP-KIR PASSENGERRadhikapurKatihar18:4518:47
22487Radhikapur - Anand Vihar Seemanchal Link Express RadhikapurDelhi (Anand Vihar)20:12 22:14
55708KIR - RDP PASSENGERKatiharRadhikapur21:3121:33
75708SGUJ - RDP DEMUSiliguri JnRadhikapur22:1122:13

Train Time Table of Raiganj Railway Station


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