How to reach Raiganj?

Posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 by in Railway.

One of our site visitor from Delhi sent me a message that he wants to visit Raiganj Kulick forest but don’t know how to reach there. He knows that nearest airport is Bagdogra but he will prefer to reach here by train route.

So this post is the reply that I sent him. I thought posting it here will also help many tourists.

There is a train which runs between Delhi and Raiganj. It is 5716 GARIB NAWAJ EXP (Slip Route) Which runs on Monday only.

Here is short time table 5716 (GARIB NAWAJ EXP)
Delhi 20.40 (Monday)
HAJIPUR JN > 17.20 (Tuesday)
Katihar -> 01.30 (Wed)
Raiganj -> 02.28 (Wed/Slip Route)
Radhikapur -> 03.30

This train takes too much time (30 hours 🙁 ). There are many other trains like North East Express (2506) , Mahananda Express (4084), etc which stops at Barsoi station which is just 19KM away from Raiganj Town.