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How to reach Raiganj?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

One of our site visitor from Delhi sent me a message that he wants to visit Raiganj Kulick forest but don’t know how to reach there. He knows that nearest airport is Bagdogra but he will prefer to reach here by train route.

So this post is the reply that I sent him. I thought posting it here will also help many tourists.

There is a train which runs between Delhi and Raiganj. It is 5716 GARIB NAWAJ EXP (Slip Route) Which runs on Monday only.

Here is short time table 5716 (GARIB NAWAJ EXP)
Delhi 20.40 (Monday)
HAJIPUR JN > 17.20 (Tuesday)
Katihar -> 01.30 (Wed)
Raiganj -> 02.28 (Wed/Slip Route)
Radhikapur -> 03.30

This train takes too much time (30 hours 🙁 ). There are many other trains like North East Express (2506) , Mahananda Express (4084), etc which stops at Barsoi station which is just 19KM away from Raiganj Town.

No change in Radhikapur Kolkata Express train time table

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

A new time table has been implemented from 1st November 2009, but our demand of changing time table of Radhikapur Kolkata Express train is again neglected.

Raiganj rly station: Waiting rooms remain locked – The Statesman

Friday, February 20th, 2009

RAIGANJ, Feb. 18: Their is no relief in sight for passengers waiting for trains at the Raiganj railway station in North Dinajpur district. Passenger waiting rooms have been locked up for the past two years. Also, during power cuts darkness prevails in the platform as there is no backup, encouraging crime in the area. But inspite of all problems, Railway authorities are yet to take any action.
One of the members of Zonal railway users consultative committee of N F Railway, Mr T K Chaudhury said: “The station has become very busy in the past two years since the introduction of both Delhi and Kolkata bound trains from here. Passengers have to wait for hours in Raiganj station to board trains. There is no place to rest in case they feel unwell. Women especially are the worst affected.”
To add to passenger woes, Delhi bound Radhikapur Express arrives at Raiganj around 2.45 a.m on Wednesday. People who stay far off from Raiganj face a lot of problem in reaching home as no public transport is available during that time. In such cases they have to spend the night on the platform in the absence of a waiting room.
When contacted, the Superintendent of Raignaj station Mr M M Dutta said: “Waiting rooms were locked as there was no furniture there. Also we do not have a back-up during power-cuts. “The problems of passengers, however, have been reported to our higher officials.”


Nothing for us in this Rail Budget.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

43 New trains announced in this budge but we did not get anything new.  We were exacting at least a new train for Siliguri and return of our Seemanchal express.

Let’s wait for next year 😉

Radhikapur-Delhi express delinked from Simanchal – The Statesman

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Residents of Raiganj are planning to organise another agitation in Raiganj railway station after railway authorities last night changed both the number and the time table of the Radhikapur-Delhi (link) express train.
According to the new instruction of railway authorities, 5715 Radhikapur-Delhi (link) express train will start from Radhikapur railway station every Sunday morning, beginning 18 January. It will arrive in Raiganj at 6.45 am. At Katihar it will be attached to Garib Nawaj Express, running from Kishangunj to Ajmer. In Delhi it will arrive at 1.20 p.m. on Monday. On the other hand, the 5716 down train will leave Delhi at 8.35 p.m. on Monday and will arrive at Raiganj at 2.36 a.m. on Wednesday.
Previously, this train, 4020 down Radhikapur-Delhi (Anand Vihar) (link) Express, would start from Radhikapur on Friday morning and the up 4019 train would reach Raiganj in the evening on Wednesday. This link train with eight compartments used to be attached to the main Radhikapur-Delhi (Anand Vihar) Simanchal Express in Katihar. With the authorities’ latest move, the link train will now be attached to a train that goes to Delhi railway station unlike Simanchal Express, which was to go to Anand Vihar station in Delhi.
On the other hand, 10 days have passed since the Radhikapur-Delhi (link) express train started from Radhikapur, but the residents of Raiganj are still unable to book tickets to travel to and from Raiganj railway station on this train.
The secretary of Raiganj Nagarik Committee, Mr Tapan Chaudhury, said: “Our previous link train would reach Delhi within 26 hours. But this new train will take more than 31 hours. It’s a mystery why the Railway authorities are changing its time table and main train frequently. We are now compelled to believe that the authorities may withdraw this link train from Raiganj on any excuse. We will very soon start a movement with the demand of providing us the previous 4019 up and 4020 down Radhikapur- Delhi link Simanchal express train.”
The station superintendent of Raiganj railway station, Mr Manjitmoy Dutta, pleaded ignorance as regards making available tickets for Raiganj on Simanchal Express. “We have not received any instruction from our higher authorities in this regard, which is why tickets for Raiganj railway station are not being provided to the passengers,” he said.
The divisional railway manager of North-east Frontier Railway, Katihar, Mr B Raikwar, washed his hands of the matter. “The change of the train depends on the decision of railway authorities. We have nothing to do with it,” he said.


Radhikapur Delhi Seemanchal Express Suspended for ever?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Radhikapur Delhi Seemanchal Express is suspended.  In place of that train a link express will be run, which will be linked with GARIB NAWAJ EXP (5715) which runs between Kishanganj and Ajmer.

This new Radhikapur Delhi train (5715A) will be linked with Garib Nawaj Express at Katihar and will run once a week (Sunday).

Here is the Time Table of Radhikapur Delhi Garib Nawaj Express (Link):

Train No Train Name Date Runs From Source Runs On
SNo Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arrival Time Dep. Time Distance Day
1 RDP RADHIKAPUR 1 Source 06:15 0 1
2 KAJ KALIYANGANJ 1 06:27 06:29 13 1
3 RGJ RAIGANJ 1 06:46 06:51 33 1
4 BOE BARSOI JN 1 07:15 07:17 54 1
5 KIR KATIHAR JN 1 08:45 09:15 93 1
6 BJU BARAUNI JN 1 13:20 13:30 275 1
7 HJP HAJIPUR JN 1 15:15 15:20 363 1
8 SEE SONPUR JN 1 15:30 15:35 369 1
9 CPR CHHAPRA 1 17:00 17:15 422 1
10 BUI BALLIA 1 18:50 18:55 487 1
11 MAU MAU JN 1 20:10 20:25 600 1
12 AMH AZAMGARH 1 21:35 21:40 643 1
13 SHG SHAHGANJ JN 1 23:30 23:55 699 1
14 FD FAIZABAD JN 1 01:48 01:50 804 2
15 LKO LUCKNOW 1 04:50 05:05 932 2
16 SPN SHAHJEHANPUR 1 07:10 07:15 1096 2
17 BE BAREILLY 1 08:15 08:20 1167 2
18 MB MORADABAD 1 09:55 10:05 1258 2
19 DLI DELHI 1 13:20 Destination 1419 2

Tussle on over train stoppage – The Statesman

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

At last, the Radhikapur-Delhi (link) Express train has a stoppage at the Raiganj station of North Dinajpur district for two minutes. The decision to have Raiganj station as a stop for the train came into effect from today.
It was reported that at 6.45 p.m. yesterday, the UP 4019 Radhikapur-Delhi train passed Raiganj station without stopping that irked some of the residents of Raiganj and they planned to organise a rail-blockade under the banner of Raiganj Nagarik Samiti in the morning today demanding that the train have a stoppage at the station for at least five minutes.
The members of the Raiganj Nagarik Samiti and the members of DYFI started an agitating at the Raiganj station today morning. The train reached the station at 9.15 a.m. where it stopped for two minutes.
The members of Youth Congress Committee of North Dinajpur also arrived at the station and condemned the agitation carried out by the Raiganj Nagarik Samiti and DYFI. The president of North Dinajpur Youth Congress Committee, Mr Sandip Biswas, said: “Last night, Mrs Dipa Dasmunshi, MLA for Goal pokhar and former Union minister for information & broadcasting Mr Priya Ranjan Das Munshi had a talk over telephone with Union railway minister Mr Lalu Prasad following which a 2-minutes halt at the Raiganj station was decided for the train.
Secretary of Raiganj Nagarik Samiti Mr Tapan Chaudhury, however, said: “Yesterday evening when the train did not stop at the Raiganj station, we chalked out a plan to organise a rail blockade and informed the higher railway officials of our decision. The 2-minutes halt at the station was a result of the agitation programme we had planned. But, we had asked for a 5-minutes stoppage so that the passengers get to arrange their luggage,” he said. “If the railway authorities do not honour our demand we will organise another movement at the Raiganj railway station very soon,” Mr Chaudhury said. The Raiganj station superintendent, Mr Manajitmay Dutta, said: “Last night at 10 p.m, we received a message from a higher official in which a two minute stoppage of the train was ordered at the Raiganj railway station.”


Locals protest demanding train stoppage in Raiganj – The Statesman

Friday, January 9th, 2009

While demanding the stoppage of Simanchal Express (Radhikapur- Delhi) Link in Raiganj, the members of Raiganj Nagarik Samiti have decided to organise railroko movement tomorrow morning. They also plan to organise an agitation in the premises of Raiganj Railway station and to intercept 4020 down Simanchal Express for a certain period.
Simachal Express, flagged off from Radhikapur on 5 January. It runs once a week and every Friday, it leaves for Delhi. According to the time-table, the train is not scheduled to halt in Raiganj. Hence, residents of Raiganj have to board either from Radhikapur or Barsoi, which is about 40 Km and 28 Km away from Raiganj respectively. Travelling all the way to board this train is taking a toll on the people. A businessmen said: “Previously we had to take the Delhi bound train either from Kishangunj or from Barsoi Railway station in Bihar which created a lot of problem. We thought after the introduction of this train we would be able to board from Raiganj. But to add to our woes, this train too has no stoppage in Raiganj.”
The secretary of Raiganj Nagarik Samiti Mr Tapan Chaudhury said: “Raiganj is the district headquarter of North Dinajpur district and it is an important town yet this train has no stoppage here. We were upset with the decision of Raiganj railway authorities. It will be of no use to us if it does not halt in Raiganj Railway station. So demanding an immediate stoppage in Raiganj we will intercept this train for a certain period in Raiganj Railway station tomorrow. The Station Superintendent of Raiganj Railway station Mr Manajitmoy Dutta said, “According to timetable there was no stoppage of Radhikapur-Delhi express train in Raiganj.”

Delhi Radhikapur Simanchal express will not stop at Raiganj on the first day?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Today Seemanchal Express is going towards Radhikapur first time. But will it stop at Raiganj or Kaliyaganj? The answer is still under smoke.

I checked official schedule of today’s train at and According to this, it will not stop at Raiganj and Kaliyaganj
simanchal express time table

I still think it is not possible, may be that it is just today’s schedule.

What do you think??

Please post your thoughts/comments here.

Simanchal express will run 5 days a week?

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

More good news for, Simanchal express will run 5 days a week instead of once a week. It was published in local news papers (Officially) and Railway minister Sri Lalu Prasad also said it after flagging off the Seemanchal Express.

The Jogbani-Delhi Seemanchal Express would run five days a week instead of the earlier announcement of a weekly train.

Another good news is that this train will run via Patna-Mughalsarai instead of Hajipur-Lucknow.

The route of the train has also changed, now it will run via Patna-Mughalsarai and not the proposed via Hajipur-Lucknow.

Source: ZeeNews