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Radhikapur- Delhi (ANVT) Link Express from 8th February

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

After a long wait, finally 22487 Radhikapur – Anand Vihar Daily Link Express and 22488 Anand Vihar – Radhikapur Daily Link Express is starting from 8th February.

Seemanchal express train was first introduced in 2008-2009 budget and was started on 5th January 2009 with number 4019/4020. Its auxilary train 4019A/4020A were running between Jogbani and Delhi. But just after couple of trips, the main train between Radhikapur and Delhi was suspended. The auxiliary train between Jogbani and Delhi became a regular train with number 12487/12488.

In place of a regular train to Delhi, people of Uttar Dinajpur got a weekly link train 25715 which is linked to Garib Nawaz Express.

In Railway budget 2013-14, Union Railways Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal re-announced the same train.

So, now people of Uttar Dinajpur got their own train back after 5 years.

This train will run daily from Radhikapur to Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal) and will stop at Kaliyaganj, Raiganj, Barsoi, Salmari, Sonalli, KATIHAR JN (KIR), NAUGACHIA (NNA), KHAGARIA JN (KGG), BEGU SARAI (BGS), PATNA JN (PNBE), DILDARNAGAR JN (DLN), MUGHAL SARAI JN (MGS), ALLAHABAD JN (ALD), KANPUR CENTRAL (CNB), TUNDLA JN (TLD), GHAZIABAD (GZB), ANAND VIHAR TRM (ANVT).

Time Table of Radhikapur-Anandvihar (Delhi) Link Express

Radhikapur-Anandvihar (Delhi) Link Express

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Time Table updated on 1st Oct 2015

Coach Composition:
AC 3 Tier -01,
Sleeper Class-03,
General Class-02,
Disabled Friendly Second Class Cum Luggage Van-02.
Total: 08

Time Table: 22487 Radhikapur-Anand Vihar Terminal

KALIYAGANJ (KAJ) 20.12 20.14
RAIGANJ (RGJ) 20.31 20.36
BARSOI (BOE) 20.55 20.57
SALMARI (SRI) 21.13 21.15
SONALLI (SI) 21.40 21.42
KATIHAR JN (KIR) 22:30 23:10
NAUGACHIA (NNA) 23:56 23:57
KHAGARIA JN (KGG) 01:01 01:06
BEGU SARAI (BGS) 01:32 01:33
PATNA JN (PNBE) 05:10 05:20
DILDARNAGAR JN (DLN) 07:40 07:42
MUGHAL SARAI JN (MGS) 09:17 09:13
ALLAHABAD JN (ALD) 11:50 11:55
KANPUR CENTRAL (CNB) 14:15 14:25
TUNDLA JN (TLD) 17:06 17:09
GHAZIABAD (GZB) 20:20 20:22

Total Journey time: 25 hours.

Time Table: 22488 Anand Vihar Terminal-Radhikapur

GHAZIABAD (GZB) 08:04 08:06
TUNDLA JN (TLD) 10:25 10:27
KANPUR CENTRAL (CNB) 13:45 13:55
ALLAHABAD JN (ALD) 16:45 16:55
MUGHAL SARAI JN (MGS) 19:45 20:05
DILDARNAGAR JN (DLN) 20:51 20:53
PATNA JN (PNBE) 23:25 23:35
BEGU SARAI (BGS) 02:19 02:20
KHAGARIA JN (KGG) 02:58 02:59
NAUGACHIA (NNA) 03:58 03:59
KATIHAR JN (KIR) 05:20 05:45
SONALLI (SI) 06.01 06.03
SALMARI (SRI) 06.17 06.19
BARSOI (BOE) 06.40 6.42
RAIGANJ (RGJ) 07.00 07.05
KALIYAGANJ (KAJ) 07.45 07.47


Radhikapur-Kolkata Listed Among 25 Most Popular Trains

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

rahikapur-express According a notice published in news papers by Eastern Railway, 13145/6 Kolkata-Radhikapur secured a place in the top 25 ‘popular train’ list by Eastern Railway.

SMS 139 – Now get more railway information

Friday, April 26th, 2013

“PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>”

Example: AD 13146 03523
Result: Train arrival and departure at Raiganj

Example: TIME 13146
Result: Time table of train 13146

Example: SEAT 13145 300412 033 03523 SL GN
Result: Seat availability of train 13145 (Kolkata -Radhikapur Express) on 30-04-2012 from 033 (Kolkata) to 03523 (Raiganj) Sl class, General quota.

“FARE 15715 280412 03523 011 SL GN”
Result: FARE of 15715 (Radhikapur Delhi link express) on 28-04-2012 from 03523 (Raiganj) to 011 (Delhi) in Sleeper Class General quota.

Example: “PLATFORM 55730 06452”
Result: Expected platform for train 55730 (Radhikapur – Katihar Passenger) at Katihar Junction

Example: SPOT 75707
Result: Current running location of train number 75705 (Radhikapur NJP (Siliguri) MEMU.

Radhikapur – Siliguri Jn DEMU Time Table

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Updated on Oct 1, 2015

According to the latest TimeTable, with effect from Oct 1, 2015, The train’s schedule has been changed. Terminating station also has been changed. Now it is not going upto New Jalpaiguri, short terminating at Siliguri Jn.

75707,RADHIKAPUR-Siliguri Jn DEMU

RADHIKAPUR Starting Station 07:45
KALIYANGANJ 08:00 08:02
RAIGANJ 08:26 08:28
BARSOI JN 08:58 09:08
KISHANGANJ 10:54 10:56
ALUABARI ROAD 11:25 11:27
THAKURGANJ 11:55 11:57
GALGALIA 12:15 12:16
NAKSALBARI 12:51 12:53
BAGHDOGRA 13:10 13:12
SILIGURI JN 02:00 Destination

75708, Siliguri Jn -RADHIKAPUR DEMU

SILIGURI JN Starting Station 17:00
BAGHDOGRA 17:22 17:24
NAKSALBARI 17:37 17:39
GALGALIA 18:14 18:15
THAKURGANJ 18:33 18:35
ALUABARI ROAD 19:10 19:12
KISHANGANJ 19:40 19:42
Dalkhola 20:10 20:12
Telta 20:21 20:22
BARSOI JN 21:05 21:15
RAIGANJ 21:48 21:50
KALIYANGANJ 22:20 22:22
RADHIKAPUR 22:45 Destination Station

Additional stoppages

Train will also stop at all these stations in the route:
Dalimgaon, Bangalbari, Bamangram, Jhitkia, Kachna, Dhachna, Sudhani, Telta, Kanki, Panjipara, Pothia, Taiabpur, Piprithan, Adhikari, Batasi, Naksalbari, Matigara.

Train Route:

Radhikapur-Kaliyaganj (13 KM)- Raiganj (33 KM)- Barsoi 54 KM
Barsoi – Kishanganj (112 KM) – Aluabari Road (142KM) *
Aluabari Road – Thakurganj (162 KM) – Bagdogra (208 KM) – Siliguri Jn (218KM)

* Train will change normal Barsoi-NJP route here. In place of going through Dhulabari, Dumdangi, Nijbari, Rangapani route it will go through Thakurganj Galgalia, Naksalbari, Bagdogra, Siliguri Jn, Jew Jalpaiguri rout.

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Radhikapur Express took 6 hours to reach Raiganj from Malda

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Our ‘Express’ train is breaking all records of speed. It took 6 hours to reach Ragainj from Malda on 7th January. 110KM in 6hrs ~ 18KM/hr. In school days my bicycle was faster than this..

Six new rail lines for West Bengal, three for other states –

Friday, February 26th, 2010
Six new rail lines for West Bengal, three for other states
The six new lines for West Bengal are Tarakeshwar-Magra, Hasanabad-Hingalganj, Balurghat-Hilli, Kaliyaganj-Buniadpur, Bowaichandi-Arambagh and the

and more »

How to reach Raiganj?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

One of our site visitor from Delhi sent me a message that he wants to visit Raiganj Kulick forest but don’t know how to reach there. He knows that nearest airport is Bagdogra but he will prefer to reach here by train route.

So this post is the reply that I sent him. I thought posting it here will also help many tourists.

There is a train which runs between Delhi and Raiganj. It is 5716 GARIB NAWAJ EXP (Slip Route) Which runs on Monday only.

Here is short time table 5716 (GARIB NAWAJ EXP)
Delhi 20.40 (Monday)
HAJIPUR JN > 17.20 (Tuesday)
Katihar -> 01.30 (Wed)
Raiganj -> 02.28 (Wed/Slip Route)
Radhikapur -> 03.30

This train takes too much time (30 hours :( ). There are many other trains like North East Express (2506) , Mahananda Express (4084), etc which stops at Barsoi station which is just 19KM away from Raiganj Town.

No change in Radhikapur Kolkata Express train time table

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

A new time table has been implemented from 1st November 2009, but our demand of changing time table of Radhikapur Kolkata Express train is again neglected.

Raiganj rly station: Waiting rooms remain locked – The Statesman

Friday, February 20th, 2009

RAIGANJ, Feb. 18: Their is no relief in sight for passengers waiting for trains at the Raiganj railway station in North Dinajpur district. Passenger waiting rooms have been locked up for the past two years. Also, during power cuts darkness prevails in the platform as there is no backup, encouraging crime in the area. But inspite of all problems, Railway authorities are yet to take any action.
One of the members of Zonal railway users consultative committee of N F Railway, Mr T K Chaudhury said: “The station has become very busy in the past two years since the introduction of both Delhi and Kolkata bound trains from here. Passengers have to wait for hours in Raiganj station to board trains. There is no place to rest in case they feel unwell. Women especially are the worst affected.”
To add to passenger woes, Delhi bound Radhikapur Express arrives at Raiganj around 2.45 a.m on Wednesday. People who stay far off from Raiganj face a lot of problem in reaching home as no public transport is available during that time. In such cases they have to spend the night on the platform in the absence of a waiting room.
When contacted, the Superintendent of Raignaj station Mr M M Dutta said: “Waiting rooms were locked as there was no furniture there. Also we do not have a back-up during power-cuts. “The problems of passengers, however, have been reported to our higher officials.”