Bhupalis ~ a big threat in Raiganj – The Statesman

Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2008 by in Raiganj.

The threat of the KLO is back and this time in association with the Bhupalis, who are Bhutanese citizen of Nepali origin. The 1 lakh plus Bhupalis reside in seven refugee camps in Nepal ever since they were thrown out of Bhutan in the late 80s.
A number of Bhupalis were arrested in Siliguri recently in connection with the 3 April Champasari blasts and subsequent recovery of explosives from different parts of the town. The police have learnt that wanted KLO militant Dhanonjoy Sen, who had taken refuge in Bangladesh during the police hunt, has returned to Assam and could come into north Bengal to disturb the panchayat poll process. According to the inspector general of police, north Bengal Mr KL Tamta, Sen is trying to establish links with the Bhupalis. “The wanted KLO militant, who is trying to set up links with the Bhupalis and other militant groups could try to destabilise peace in the region, particularly during the panchayat elections. Under the circumstances, we have sought cooperation from the neighbouring states,” said the IGP, north Bengal.