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Bridge to benefit residents – The Statesman

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Bridge to benefit residents
The Statesman, India – 3 Apr 2008
RAIGANJ,April.3: Mr Nanigopal Roy CPI(M) MLA of Kaliyaganj today laid the stone foundation for the construction of a new bridge on Kulick river at Sherpur

Storm hits North Dinajpur – The Statesman

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Storm hits North Dinajpur
The Statesman, India – 2 Apr 2008
Raiganj, Hemtabad and Kaliyaganj Blocks were the worst affected in the district. The storm and hail took toll on the wheat, maize and bodo cultivations in

Funds for electrification remain unutilised – The Statesman

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Funds for electrification remain unutilised
The Statesman, India – 27 Mar 2008
But the till date we received only 68 applications which were sent by the officials of Hemtabad and Kaliyaganj offices of WBSEDCL.

BSF jawans ‘attack’ villagers – The Statesman

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

BSF jawans ‘attack’ villagers
The Statesman, India – 27 Mar 2008
This morning the injured lodged a complaint with Kaliyaganj police station in which they mentinoned that the BSF jawans beat them up badly on suspicion

10 injured in CPM-Cong clash – The Statesman

Monday, April 21st, 2008

10 injured in CPM-Cong clash
The Statesman, India – 9 hours ago
RAIGANJ, April 21: Ten people were injured in a clash between Congress and CPI-M supporters at Elenga village of Gouri gram panchayat under Raiganj police

Raiganj bazaar bandh today – The Statesman

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

RAIGANJ, April 18: More than 24 hours have passed since a fruit seller was shot dead and a contractor was injured at Mohanbati Bazaar in Raiganj yet police have failed to arrest the criminals.
In protest against police inactivity the members of Mohanbati Bazaar Babsayee Samity have called a 12-hour bandh in Mohanbati Bazaar on Saturday. The members of West Dinajpur Chamber of Commerce (WDCC), a trade body of both North and South Dinajpur districts have decided to support this bandh.
The president of Mohanbati Bazaar Babsayee Samity Mr Jayanta Som said, For the last few years Mohanbati Bazaar has turned into a hinterland of anti-socials. Previously we requested the police to take measures but they remained silent to our problems. One innocent fruit seller was killed in broad daylight and a contractor was shot and seriously injured in front of the police post. If conditions remain the same, people stop visiting this marketplace and businessmen will be affected.
Mr Som announced the business bandh, demanding the immediate arrest of the criminals along with requesting security for businessmen in Mohanbati Bazaar.
The general secretary of WDCC, Mr Jainarayan Somani said, In Raiganj a large number of firearms have reached a section of youth. They are extorting money from contractors using the weapons. They are even managing construction work after taking engineers at gunpoint.
A few years ago we asked the district administration to distribute tender forms of construction to those who did not have a criminal record. At the same time we requested the police to conduct repeated raids against anti-socials and seize their arms. But our requests were not heeded. We support the Saturday bandh call of Mohanbati Bazaar Committee against police inactivity, Mr Somani said.
The North Dinajpur police super Mr SB Purnapatra said the accused criminals are absconding. However police are doing their best to arrest the criminals.

CPM fails to please LF juniors in N Dinajpur – The Statesman

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

RAIGANJ, April 15: In North Dinajpur district, the Left Front could not reach a unanimous decision regarding the panchayat election. West Bengal Socialist party, a partner of the Left Front in the state assembly is now making preparations to contest the election on their own.
In the gram panchayat level the CPI-M could not reach unity with both the RSP and AIFB in some places where both the AIFB and RSP will contest seats alone.
In Goalpokhar-2 block the CPI-M failed to form a coalition with the AIFB and in Mougha and Jaingaon gram panchayats in Islampur block CPI-M could not reach a collaboration with the RSP.
The secretary of West Bengal Socialist party of North Dinajpur Mr Arun Dey said, “In the last five years we extensively developed pisciculture in Hemtabad, Raiganj and Kaliyaganj blocks of the district where numerous residents including women were brought under income generating schemes. We usually demanded 63 and 12 seats in gram panchayat and panchayat samities respectively in Raiganj block and another 35 and seven seats in gram panchayat and panchayat samities of Hemtabad in the district. In the other seven blocks we were ready to adjust with the Left Front without any conditions. But our demands were ruled out by CPI-M leaders.”
“We have decided to fight the panchayat elections alone this year. According to our strength we will send candidates in all gram panchayats and panchayat samities in Raiganj, Hemtabad and Kaliyaganj. Though we do not have the capacity to win in every place, it will be harmful to the Left Front unity. But we have to do it for our existence,” added Mr Dey.
The secretary of North Dinajpur AIFB committee Mr Gokul Roy said, “In Goalpokhar-2 block our strength was not considered by CPI-M. So we decided to fight alone in gram panchayat level.”
On the other hand the district secretary of North Dinajpur CPI-M Mr Bireshwar Lahiri said, “In the last district Left Front committee meeting the district secretary of WB Socialist party did not turn up. So adjustment was not possible with them. In Goalpokhar-2 block AIFB’s demand was far from their strength. RSP also demanded the same in Maugha and Jaigaon gram panchayats in Islampur block. So an absolute Left Front was not made this year.”


Woman harassed by doc complains – The Statesman

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

RAIGANJ, April 13: Mrs Tapasi Sarkar, a patient who was harassed allegedly by Dr Tapas Kumar Ghosh, a gynaecologist of Raiganj district hospital in his chamber at Ukilpara in Raiganj this morning has lodged a complaint with the district magistrate of North Dinajpur.
During pregnancy she was allegedly being treated by Dr TK Ghosh and when she was experiencing labour pain the doctor advised her to get admission in a nursing home. But she admitted herself in Raignaj district hospital and gave birth to a male baby there. As the patient did get admission in the nursing home so the doctor allegedly were denying to check her health in his chamber in post delivery period. Today when she visited his chamber ,the doctor allegedly scolded him in filthy languages. Then she returned and registered a complaint against him.

Cardiac patients suffer in absence of ECG technicians – The Statesman

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

RAIGANJ,April 11: Patients are facing a crisis after the eco-cardiography service suddenly stopped functioning in Raiganj district hospital.
Reportedly in absence of eco-cardiography both cardiac patients and the patients who needed surgical operations are facing a great ordeal.Those below poverty line were worst affected by this in the hospital.The poor cardiac patients and the patients who were admitted for surgical operations were getting eco-cardiography from out side thus putting a burden on their finances.Even this absence of eco-cardiography has affected the national ligetion programme in the hospital. The superintendent of Raiganj district hospital Dr Swapan Kumar Paul said,due to an absence of technicians this facility was stopped in Raiganj district hospital.”Our contractual technician who was serving ECG unit here recently joined in Karandighi hospital of our distirct as a regular staff.Then new technician did not turn up. So ECG unit stopped functioning,”he clarified.
The subject was brought to the notice of the chief medical officer of health of North Dinajpur, Dr S S Sahoo who assured that the crises would be soon sorted out.

More securitymen for polls sought – The Statesman

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

RAIGANJ,April 10: As soon as the dates of panchayat poll were announced the North Dinajpur District Magistrate sought more police forces from the state government to conduct the polls peacefully in the district. It was reported that North Dinajpur police have been facing acute shortage of officers for the past few months. The post of additional superintendent of police and two DSPs are still vacant for the past four months. Apart from these, there is a shortage of 70 SI and ASI level officers in all nine police stations. North Dinajpur district is treated as a sensitive district as it shares a 221 km India -Bangladesh international border and considerable areas of Itahar, Raiganj, Karandi-ghi, Goalpokhar,Chakulia and Islampur police stations share Bengal -Bihar state border. Before panchayat polls criminals may get entry to the district from Bihar. In such a crisis law & order problem can arise before panchayat polls. If any major incident happens police will have to meet great hardships to tackle it. The North Dinajpur SP Mr SB Purnapatra said,”We are facing an acute crisis of officers in all police stations for the last few months.Yet majority of police officers are devoted to their service. So the incident of major law & order violation has not happened yet.”